Fencing improve the brain

Sharpen Your Brain, Pick Fencing As A Combat Exercise

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Neurobic

Have you ever wondered about taking up fencing as a hobby? Well, now you have more than one reason to pursue your interest, since this fast moving sport is a wonderful brain exercise.

Researchers are recommending fencing as an ‘open skill sport’ to enhance brain power. As it requires physical activity combined with better hand-eye coordination to judge and react to unpredictable movements quickly, which can help train your brain.

Traditionally, fencing is considered a contemporary and elegant combative form of open skill sport. It throws tactical and physical challenges to the opponent, in turn testing participants’ capability across fours parameters including discipline, patience, competitiveness and determination. While it may catch fascination of the adult population, it is being taken up by the older people too in order to keep their brains more active.


How Fencing Improves Physical Strength And Brain Power?

Being a comprehensive body workout and muscle flexing exercise, fencing demands both physical fitness and mental agility to display psychological and strategic control of brain power. From physical fitness perspective, it renders enhanced nimbleness of hands and feet, sportsmanship, agility, balance and cardiovascular endurance. Mental benefits include improved concentration, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and strategic intelligence.

In addition to these, fencing also offers brain exercise challenges such as analytical abilities and precision. The improvisation is evident in response to opponent’s attack by close monitoring and that too in a jiffy. So basically it’s a sort of mind exercise that mandates quickest reactions to outwit the other participant. This sport activity actually helps reduce stress, improve anticipation skills, and develop the understanding power of brain.


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